Dne 30.dubna rozhodla FIPS-Mouche o posunutí MS, MSJ a ME na rok 2021. Rozhodnutí o posunutí na rok 2021 se netýká MS Masters. Zde je zatím v platnosti posunutí termínu na 28.9.-4.10.2020.

Nové termíny jsou stanoveny takto:

  • 1. Světový šampionát žen a 26. Evropský šampionát mužů: NORSKO  5 – 11 července 2021
  • 40. Světový šampionát mužů : FINSKO 10 – 17 srpen 2021
  • 19. Juniorský šampionát : ITÁLIE 12 -18 červenec 2021

Originální vyjádření FIPS-Mouche v angličtině níže.

Dear Members,

On 30th March the FIPS-Mouche board had a meeting regarding the 2020 championships in light of the current COVID-19 pandemic which is affecting all of us.

We regret having to announce that we are postponing for sure 4 out of the 5 championship that were planned for 2020. The only one remaining on the calendar is the 6th Masters WFFC which has already been postponed from end of May to beginning of October. It’s however not sure that even this championship will be held. All depends on the evolution of health crisis situation.

For the organisers of the 2020 26th Euro & 1st Ladies World (NOR), 40th World seniors (FIN) and 19th  World Youth (BiH) it’s not possible to postpone to a later date within the same year. The risk is just too high. There are far too many uncertainties and possible restrictions to take into account ( just think about travel limitations by your national authorities, quarantine issues in host countries, no proper training possibilities in home countries , …etc).

In consultation with the International organisers the board decided to shift this year’s championship to the next years as follows :

In 2021:

  • 1st World Ladies & 26th European championship : NORWAY  5 – 11 July 2021
  • 40th  World seniors championship : FINLAND 10 – 17 August 2021
  • 6th or 7th Masters (depending if we are able to stage the 6th in CZ REP in 2020) and 19th Youth championship : ITALY 12 -18 July 2021

We have offered to BiH the organisation of the 2022 Youth championship. In case the 6th Masters needs to be postponed , we will offer  CZ Rep the possibility to organise it in 2023. Still to be negotiated !

We will be contacting the federations that have expressed their interest in organising championship in 2021 , 2022 and later and will provide you with an updated championship table which will be posted on our website.

We hope you are all keeping well , stay healthy, take care of each other.

The Board of FIPS-Mouche

Stefan Allacker

General Secretary

+32 472 965802